'The genitalia of a gypsy woman'  is the Romanian popular name for Lamium Purpureum. This name is not a coincidence. It is the evidence that in the Romanian culture irony has proved to be an easy to swallow pill that cures the sadness of an undeveloped country.
This body of work was created during the lockdown period caused by COVID-19 and it brings forward, in a satirical yet serious way, political juxtapositions that emphasise the elements, the people and the events which contributed to the creation of the portrait of contemporary Romania.
Not only did I want to focus on the influence of communism on this nation, but I also wanted to present those arguments that make the Romanian people unique: the faith and traditions that are slowly being forgotten, solidarity and the intense experience of human emotions. 
Somehow, even though the grey colour of the Communist buildings is still present and even though one would apply a black and white filter on Romania's portrait, these people manage to show their colourful essence. 

archive images: azopan.ro & Norihiro Haruta

3D mockup @MARe Bucharest

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